We repair all makes of classic car and oldtimer


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We repair all makes of classic car and oldtimer

In contrast to modern cars in normal garages, with classic cars and oldtimers we go out of our way to repair faulty components. This calls on a fair amount of classic craftsmanship.

As standard In modern (or ‘contemporary’) garages faulty components are automatically replaced with new parts. In our workshops we still weld, machine, turn and overhaul as of old.

In the event we are obliged to fit replacement parts, in the first instance we are often still in need to adapt or overhaul these. We prefer using original spare parts, but where necessary we go in search for the correct reproductions.

A detailed quote

Prior to us carrying out a repair you receive a detailed quote with the foreseen costs. This avoids unpleasant surprises.

Breakdown service

We have our own transport service at disposal to collect your car in the event you are unable to reach our workshops under your own steam or when quite simply you cannot find the time.