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We overhaul your classic car or oldtimer entirely

Apart from repairs to specific components you can also call on ProSpeed for complete overhauls. All your car’s mechanical components are submitted to an in-depth inspection.

Special attention is given to the suspension and the brakes, the gearbox and the engine. These being the vital components of every car.

Tailor made approach for each component.

We determine the best approach for each component. On the one hand we retain a component but it requires a complete overhaul. Or we replace the component with an original or reproduction part.

Thanks to our extensive specialisation in classic cars and oldtimers we have access to an enormous range of spare parts.

Prior to going into action you obviously receive a detailed quote from us.

In search of the authentic driving experience

We try at all times to remain as close as possible to the vehicle’s original technical specifications. As such we strive to retain the authentic driving experience the vehicle had when it rolled off the production line many decades ago.