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We restore your classic car or oldtimer to its ‘authentic state’

Whereas with an overhaul we concentrate on the mechanical workings of the vehicle, with a restoration we focus on the coachwork and the interior.

Stripping down and dismantling

With a restoration we fully strip and dismantle the car and each body part is closely examined. After paint stripping all corroded parts are cut away and replaced with new sheet metal and welding.

When all coachwork parts have been restored and the necessary paint layers have been applied, we start rebuilding the car. With our restorations we strive to bring about a new state of pure authenticity to the restored car. During the restoration we retain as many original parts as possible.

Dashboard and seats

With a restoration the interior also undergoes a regeneration process. As such we give the dashboard, the entire interior and the seats that unique glow of yesteryear.

Based on a restoration plan

Prior to starting the restoration of your classic car or oldtimer, we draw up a complete restoration plan. This plan is the outcome of an in-depth analysis and control of the vehicle’s authenticity. The plan is thoroughly discussed so that you are fully aware of what you might expect from us and at what cost. During the actual restoration you will have every opportunity to follow the restoration process step-by-step. It goes without saying that upon completion the car undergoes a final control and an extensive test run.